Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Interior and Spatial Design Contextual Studies Essay

Interior and Spatial Design Contextual Studies - Essay Example Generational change has also led to continuous shift in tastes. Spatial design comes in handy to sort these problems. For these reasons, this essay seeks to research and discuss the relationship between abstract painting and interior spatial design. Furthermore, the essay will include empirical studies of various artists and professionals in the field of fine arts and design. Through various reviews, I have learnt that painters and spatial designers are making immense contributions to the society. I have hence learnt that I will be in a position to create aesthetic appeal of homes. Through expertise in spatial art and interior design, I will be able to restore happiness and satisfaction to myself and the human race. Through appraisal of beauty, the field has enabled me to value specific objects in the society. I have also learnt the strategic use of interior design in drawing building plans taking into account interior spaces and probable rooming. In eventuality, they should award space appropriately to each section of a building. In my study of abstract paintings, I realized that they draw interests from everyone. On the contrary, I realized that a person who possesses a piece of an abstract painting could keep it for ages without having interpreted its meaning. Therefore, the value of such a work of art increases as time progresses in the sense that, it portrays not only its aesthetic value, but also the mysterious thought behind its conception. This misery behind the artistic works drew much interest from me, making me to relate commodities to their ideal values. Using an example of the value of money, I realized that everyone understands the importance of money and its value. However, people seem not to understand the real value of the money which is reflected by the purchasing potential as opposed to indicated numerical value indicated. In this respect, I have come to the conclusion that some abstract

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